RESOURCE ALERT: EU-Korea Relations in a Changing World


The Koninklijke Universiteit Leuven and the Seoul National University, with co-funding from the EU, have published an ebook called EU-Korea Relations in a Changing World. In nearly 400 pages, it covers topics including of course the Free Trade Agreement, but also topics like arms trade, environmental concerns and regional security.

On 8 November, the seventh EU-Korea Summit will take place in Brussels, marking the 50th anniversary of diplomacy between the EU and the Republic of Korea. Relations between the EU and Korea have been formalized in the Free Trade Agreement and the Framework Agreement, both signed in 2010. The most recent summit between the two was in 2012 in Seoul, where President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy gave this speech.

Further interesting resources are the EU-Korea Monitor from think tank Bruegel, and the EU relations with the Republic of Korea (South Korea) page of the EEAS, both of which provide a lot of information and links to further reading.

Our colleagues at the Council Press Office have put together a factsheet for journalists ahead of the Summit.

Our Resource Alerts draw users’ attention to a new or topical information resource, both online or on paper, available through the GSC Library and Information System and relevant to the GSC core areas of activity. Please feel free to disseminate this alert to interested colleagues.

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