New books added to the Library collection – December 2013

Every month the Library compiles a selection of recently purchased titles. This month’s list includes:

Anthony Giddens’ ‘Turbulent and mighty continent : what future for Europe?’

Europe no longer seems mighty, instead our continent faces the threat of becoming an irrelevant backwater or, worse, once again the scene of turbulent conflicts. Divisions are arising all over Europe, while the popularity of the Union sinks. How can this situation be turned around? It is a mistake, argues Anthony Giddens, to see the misfortunes of the euro as the sole source of Europe’s malaise. The Union faces problems shared by most or all of the developed states of the world. Reform in Europe must go far beyond stabilizing the euro.

Marley Morris’ ‘Conflicted politicians : the populist radical right in the European Parliament’

With the 2014 European Parliament elections approaching and populist radical right parties continuing to influence the political debate, this report takes a look at the activities of populist radical right MEPs. Using data from VoteWatch Europe, it aims to develop an in-depth understanding of how the populist radical right operates within an institution it is often hostile to. The report asks:  How often do populist radical right MEPs challenge the consensus? How successful are they at making cross-national alliances? How often do they participate in legislative activities? And how do they make use of the opportunities to use speaking time and ask questions?

Michael Heise’s ‘Emerging from the Euro debt crisis : making the single currency work’

European leaders are still facing formidable challenges in making the single currency work in a complex environment. This book highlights the reasons why the system has run into its present troubles. It points to policy recommendations to be drawn from a structural analysis of the currency union, achievements and failures of the currency union and ways to improve fiscal sustainability and arrive at stable macroeconomic performance for the union.

Dieter Mahncke’s and Sieglinde Gstöhl’s ‘European Union diplomacy : coherence, unity and effectiveness’; with a foreword by Herman Van Rompuy:

Will the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty reforms make the EU fit for the future? Can a common European foreign policy ensure that European interests are taken into consideration and that European values shape international relations? Will the European Union be an actor or an object on the international stage in the coming decades?

Download the complete list here.

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