New article: The EU in the Eyes of the Chinese, Indian and Russian Press

The latest Journal of European Integration carries an article (paywall) on ‘The Role of the EU in an Emerging New World Order in the Eyes of the Chinese, Indian and Russian Press’. The autors, N. Chaban and O. Elgström, test six hypotheses around the meanings and images assigned by the press to the EU’s interaction with the three emerging powers. We take the liberty of quoting some of most the interesting findings:

  • reporting on bilateral EU relations with the three countries is less visible and more vague than reporting on EU-US relations, framed as a ‘tandem of Western Powers’;

  • in reports of its relationships with the other powers, the EU was depicted as the major or secondary actor in only in 20 to 30 per cent of the articles analysed;

  • media in the three case studies frequently claimed the EU (and the US) to be in decline and in all countries China was framed as a ‘rising power’. India and Russia are also pictured as potential great powers especially in their domestic media.

The media data were collected within the project ‘The EU in the eyes of Asia Pacific’, at

Readers may also be interested in the 2010  article (paywall) by I. Manners  in the Journal of Common Market Studies on ‘Global Europa: Mythology of the European Union in World Politics’.

An EU-Russia Summit will take place in Brussels on 28 january. More background on EU relationships with China, India, Russia and others can be found at the European Strategic Partnerships Observatory (ESPO) set up by FRIDE and the Egmont Institute.

In ‘Seen from the Outside‘ (paywall), Sonia Lucarelli illustrates how analysis of the EU’s external image can contribute to an understanding of the block’s identity and role in world politics. It goes on to review the main projects on the external image of the EU and their findings, as well as the main challenges to this type of research.

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