Polityka Insight analysis: S&D to win European Elections, EPP to lose votes to Eurosceptics

European Elections 2014

In their usual short and to-the-point style, Polityka Insight (pay wall) published an interesting analysis of the European elections. The article predicts a victory by the centre-left, carried in part by gains by Labour in the UK and the Democratic Party in Italy. The centre-right is expected to lose votes to the Eurosceptics.

“A majority of 376 seats can be only guaranteed by a cooperation of the two largest parties – EPP and S&D. The centrist parties – the Liberals and the Greens – will not receive enough votes in the election to build a coalition with the winning centre-left,” author Marek WĄSIŃSKI says.

“Mathematically, there could be a coalition of all right-wing parties with the Liberals and the Greens, but, in practice, cooperation between mainstream parties and Nigel Farage’s anti-EU UKIP, is impossible.”

In an earlier post, we highlighted an analysis by Cas Mudde on the prospects of anti-system parties in the next European elections. In the same vein, a paper by Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Foundation in November 2013 tried to predict the balance of power in the next European Parliament.

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