EPRS Focuses on Western Balkans


After the issue of EU enlargement was discussed three times in succession in the European Parliament, the European Parliamentary Research Service has taken an in-depth look at the topic. ‘In focus week on the Western Balkans’ gives a brief summary of the state of affairs in the different countries in the region, and links to numerous relevant resources including a number of its own research papers.

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) was established in November 2013 by the merger of several existing analytical units in the EP. Its purpose is to provide research and analytical support to MEPs, parliamentary committees and the Institution. Much of its output is freely accessible online.

Those seeking more background on the EU integration of countries in the Western Balkans might find use for the e-book ‘The European future of the Western Balkans – Thessaloniki@10′, published last summer by the EU Institute for Security Studies. Published ten years after the Thessaloniki Declaration, which stated unequivocally that ‘the future of the Balkans is within the European Union’, the book assesses the progress that the countries of the Western Balkans have made on the path to European integration in the past decade.

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