New books added to the Library collection – May 2014

This month’s selection of new books starts off with George Soros’ view on the current state of the EU economy. We feature essays on voter’s behaviour ahead of the European Elections, with a spotlight on right-wing populism and the evolution of nationalism. The list also contains several books on politics and economics in Russia, as well as essays describing possible scenarios for Russia’s future.

George Soros’ ‘The tragedy of the European Union : disintegration or revival?’

As a pioneer of the hedge fund industry, and a successful global macro manager, Soros analyses the current state of the EU economy, focusing especially of the vast disharmony between the financial and banking system in relation to the Euro. Although he sees the EU as a role-model for the global community in building an open society, he criticises that recently the EU has declined from a unified global power to a fractious confederation of states with staggering unemployment resentfully seeking relief from a reluctant Germany.

Leszek Jesień’s ‘The European Union presidency : institutionalized procedure of political leadership’

In the context of the wider question of political leadership in the European Union, this essay takes a closer look at the issue of the presidency and its institutional role in the EU decision-making system. The author discusses the contemporary role and importance of the presidency in the European Union. How has the presidency – initially quite a modest function – been able to gain such a significant role for the EU proceedings? What are the main challenges related to its preparations and how is it run?

Daniel Guéguen’s ’Comitologie : le pouvoir européen confisqué’

Ce petit livre analyse les caractéristiques de la Comitologie post-Lisbonne, ses limites et ses modalités d’application. Il estime qu’en moyenne 50 directives sont adaptées chaque année en codécision contre 2.500 règlements en comitologie.

Download the complete list here.

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