EU-Japan relations: trade, politics, and re-emerging together from the crisis

On the day of the 22nd EU-Japan summit, we have extracted from our database of think tank papers a selection of documents on Japan and its relation to the EU, published in the last year or so.

Below a few highlights:

An analysis of the sovereign debt crisis in Japan, the US and the EU was provided in this e-book by CEPS, whereas Bruegel compared the landscape of financial markets in Europe in the three regions.

In March 2013, the EU and Japan launched  negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement. The third round of negotiations took place in October 2013. On trade prospects, see for example this paper by the European Institute for Asian Studies, linking the FTA to the Japanese domestic agenda, or this, by PISM, issued ahead of the previous summit.

On the more general issue of East Asia, and the Japan-China relation, Chatham House examined the approach of the new Chinese leadership to international relations, including the one with Japan, a relation which the International Crisis Group saw as ‘on the rocks’.  In the meanwhile, PISM looked at the ‘bumpy road’ towards East Asia regional integration.

Japanese perspectives on the ‘re-emergence of Europe’ and on cooperation as a result of the crisis were explored in these papers from  EIAS and the German Marshall Fund respectively. The latter is part of a wider project on how Europe’s global partners assess the “power and influence of a region in crisis”.

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