New books added to the Library collection – June 2014

Want to turn away for a moment from the flood of analyses of European elections? Here are some highlights from the recent or topical books that reached the Library in May.

The ‘end-of-term’ feeling is somehow reinforced by the arrival of Europe in the Storm. It is Herman van Rompuy’s personal account of his years in office as president of the European Council, the ‘commanding heights’ of EU politics, as two other authors recently put it.

Another timely delivery was Thomas Piketty’s book on capitalism and inequality, which we opened just in time to follow the debate triggered by the Financial Times’ claim that he ‘got the maths wrong’, or parts of it.

The bibliographic ‘fallout’ of the situation in Ukraine reaches our shelves with a dozen or so books on the Maidan and Russia, with titles spanning from ‘The Strongman’ (well, you know who they mean…) to ‘Fragile Empire’. Our librarians also got us works on the US (notably an essay on the Tea Party), France, Portugal. On the latter, we offer a look back to the accession negotiations between 1977 and 1985.

…and yes, we did receive books related to the European elections, such as Goicoecha and Luzárraga’s unas elecciones para votar un verdadero gobierno europeo, or works on political communication and the media. But new arrivals also point to more longer-term analytical paths, with for example P. Graziano looking at how Europeanization changed domestic politics in Italy, or M. Keating showing how territory still matters, but increasingly on a regional scale.

Download the complete list here.

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