New Books at a Glance: ‘Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis’ by Costas Douzinas

While our Head of Sector-at-large was in Cork for the EU studies conference UACES 2014, the library team had a look at the newly acquired books that were piled up next to the door after the summer break. Here we will have a look at one of them.

philosophy and resistance in the crisis

In ‘Philosophy and Resistance in the Crisis’, Costas Douzinas, a London-based professor of Law with roots in Greece, calls for resistance against global capitalism using the austerity imposed on Greece as a focal lens. The book goes into significant detail of the protest movement in Greece, as well as moving into philosophical and sociological digressions.

Despite having a clearly visible agenda, the book can be used by a neutral observer as a both a source of in-depth background on the social impact of austerity in Greece and as a balance to the sensationalism of international media reports.

Douzinas writes with significant fervour, denouncing the chilling effects of austerity and the cynical elite that abandons those left behind in its wake. He finds hope for a renewal of society and politics in mass uprisings like the Arab Spring, the various ‘Occupy’ movements, and even in the 2011 London riots.

There is a lingering feeling, however, that much of this book was written before it became clear that the Arab Spring may yet fail to deliver on its hopeful beginnings. It would be interesting to hear the writer’s views on this subject anno 2014. It’s also interesting to realize that the surge in protest movements seen over the last few years doesn’t amount to a historic high.

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