New books added to the Library collection – October 2014

Want to take a break for a moment from the intense schedule of hearings of new Commissioners at the European Parliament? Here are some highlights from the books that reached the Library in September.

The discussion on the future of the European Union and a profound reform of its institutions has reached a new peak with the arrival of Is the EU doomed? by Jan Zielonka, Rethinking the Union of Europe post-crisis : has integration gone too far? by Giandomenico Majone, The EU between ’an ever closer union’ and inalienable policy domains of member states by Thomas Giegerich, Oskar Josef Gstrein and Sebastian Zeitzmann, as well as L’Europe à l’heure de son crépuscule? : Essai de prospective by Jacques Lesourne.

Several authors have focused specifically on the Eurozone and the reform of economic and financial policies, like John Peet and former Charlemagne columnist Anton La Guardia in their new book Unhappy union : how the Euro crisis- and Europe – can be fixed. They urge Europe to complete the banking union, cut unpayable debt, mutualise debt, and establish a central money reserve. This is contrasted by a more pessimistic prediction by Panagiotis Petrakis, Pantelis Kostis and Dionysis Valsamis in European economics and politics in the midst of the crisis : from the outbreak of the crisis to the fragmented European federation. They predict that the Eurozone will face a reconstitution, with members dropping out, if Eurozone summits do not succeed at creating a central vision on the acceleration of the EU integration process.

Finally, several volumes on the Eastern neighbourhood have reached us, including Legislative approximation and application of EU law in the Eastern neighbourhood of the European Union : towards a common regulatory space? by Peter Van Elsuwege and Roman Petrov, Russia’s foreign policy : change and continuity in national identity by Andrei P.Tsygankov and Can Russia modernise? : Sistema, power networks and informal governance by Alena V. Ledeneva.

Download the complete list here.

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