The second President of the European Council takes office – the library’s view

Yesterday, Donald Tusk took over as President of the European Council ftusk-rompuy5rom Herman van Rompuy, himself the first to hold the post established by the Lisbon treaty. Tusk had been elected by the EU Heads of State or Government on 30 August 2014. Our colleagues in the press and web teams have compiled written and audiovisual material around the passation de consignes on the European Council website, where you can also find the statements by the President after the first working engagements – notably a phone call with US president Obama. President Tusk tweets as @eucopresident and his spokesman as @prebenEUspox.

Meanwhile, down here at the Library we have been busy tracking works written by the President – who studied history in Gdansk – and works which analyse his previous roles, including as the twice Prime Minister of Poland. Here is a small but growing list of references in our catalogue.

In addition, the following reading list extracted from our collections gathers academic views on the role of the President, a reflection that has accompanied the gradual institutionalization of the European Council. Proposals towards a more permanent presidency for the #EUCO range from the idea in the 1975 Tindemans report to extend to one year the then rotating presidency (here the pdf from EU Bookshop) to competing visions of the various EU presidency offices, as discussed in the Convention on the Future of Europe.

A second list of references gathers academic and think tank views on the European Council during Herman Van Rompuy’s tenure, including several contributions by the outgoing President himself.

In the coming weeks, in co-operation with the European University Institute’s Library (read their blog here) and EUI researchers, we will publish short reviews of the most significant publications by President Tusk or about his background and previous political experience.

Stay tuned for updates!

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