New books added to the Library collection – December 2014

While all eyes are on Donald Tusk, the new President of the European Council, the Central Library publishes this year’s last update on our collection, which lists the new books that have reached us during the past month.

Several books revolve around European values and identity, starting with a compilation of the most memorable speeches of Tusk’s predecessor, Herman Van Rompuy. Aline Sierp investigates mechanisms of identity formation on national and European levels in her book History, memory and trans-european identity: unifying divisions.

Two volumes revolve around social media in politics as a means to engage people, especially young citizens.

Michael Johns warns in his essay The new minorities of Europe: social cohesion in the European Union that free movement within Europe has created new types of minority groups, intra-EU migrants, who do not fit into the categories of national minorities nor international migrants. Given recent debates on intra-EU migrants, the author calls for more solid laws to protect them, in order to foster social cohesion.

Find the complete list here.

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