Think Tank Review – Issue 19/2014

Our latest monthly Think Tank Review, issue 19/2014, has been released.

The November issue opens with papers on democracy and legitimacy in general, on how to improve democratic scrutiny of the eurozone in particular, on the by now classical typology of euroscepticism, and on how the EU communicates with citizens.

We have found a number of papers that seek to map the new, more ‘political’ EU landscape of late 2014, with papers on the distribution of committee offices in the European Parliament, and on the new Commission, as well as the role of individual commissioners. On the economy, we signal several papers around the G20 and other global governance structures, as well as one by Daniel Gros, who argues against the assumption that there is an investment gap in the EU.

We finish this issue of the TTR soon after the first European Council presided over by Donald Tusk. While many commentators are assessing the President’s first appearance in this role, we feature in this issue an analysis from ECFR on ‘Poland after Tusk’.

Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here. Please do not hesitate to comment, tweet with hash tag #eucolibrary, or send your feedback to

The next Think Tank Review will be out in January 2015, covering publications from December 2014.

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