New books added to the library collection – January 2015

As the Council celebrates the start of the Latvian Presidency and as the President of the European Council resumes his busy schedule, we welcome readers back with some background reading: the first list of new books for 2015.

The political evolution of the European Union is at the heart of several new books. Stefan Schepers and Andrew Kakabadse rethink the future of European governance; Gesine Schwan, Robert Menasse and Hauke Brunkhorst point out dangers of renationalisation in a continent shaken by the crisis; Desmond Dinan compiled the ups and downs of the European integration process.

Two volumes analyse ethnic struggle, coexistence and movements of antisemitism in post-communist Member States.

And finally, former French minister Elisabeth Guigou and former EU Commissioner Michel Barnier explain how they think about the main challenges of Europe in ‘L’Europe: les défis de la première puissance économique mondiale’ and ‘Se reposer ou être libre’ respectively.

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