Think Tank Review – Issue 20/2015

The first TTR issue of 2015 has just been released.

Strong focus on Member States in the think tank papers selected for this TTR. A CEPS author wonders whether a new balance of power will emerge in the Council after the entry into force last November, of new QMV rules (other background on our library’s blog, and from our colleagues at EPRS). In a similar vein, the German DGAP publishes a report on patterns of coalition-building among Member States. The notion of ‘balance of powers’ is central to one of the papers chosen for this month’s regards croisés: a Czech view on the change in the relative weight of France and Germany in EU politics.

Still on Member States, a fundamental concern is, arguably, their territorial integrity. A new analysis by Real Instituto Elcano, departing from many others we have seen so far, takes the view that the EU should insert an anti-secession clause in the treaties. We also feature a review of the proposals for further tax devolution to Scotland. Just as we finalize this TTR, the UK Government has published a draft legislation on ‘an enduring settlement’ with Scotland.

As readers know, we are particularly interested in projects where think tanks join forces. In this issue we include a report by the 40-member OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions, with options for new forms of OSCE field operations. We also look forward to the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue on 28 January. Now at its sixth edition, this event organised by ten EU think tanks is devoted this year to energy security, the labour market, investment, and migration. The library team will tweet from the conference with hashtags #BTTD15 and #EUCOlibrary. Our cataloguers are already bracing to capture the documentary ‘fall-out’ from BTTD15 in the next Think Tank Reviews.

The next Think Tank Review will be out in February 2015, covering publications from January 2015. In the meanwhile, a lot of insights on think tanks and their role can be gleaned from the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI), just published by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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