Think Tank Review – April issue Preview

The library team is selecting publications for the next Think Tank Review, which will see the light of day around 25 April. Here is a topical preview – by no means exhaustive – of papers published by think tanks in March.

With the UK elections now rapidly approaching, various think tanks are analysing the possible outcomes and consequences, both for the UK and for Europe:

  • Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute
    Cameron: taking a gamble on Europe
    by Alain Dauvergne
    This paper gives a quick primer on the importance of the UK elections in regard to relations with the EU, and looks at the prospects of the different parties.
    Link to the document in English and in French
  • Centre for European Policy Studies
    Britain’s future in Europe: reform, renegotiation, repatriation or secession?
    by Michael Emerson (ed.)
    Link to the article in English
    Where the previous paper by Notre Europe is a hearty starter on UK/EU relations, this 176-page ebook by CEPS is surely the next course for those not yet sated. It is based on a re-examination of the evidence contained in the ‘Balance of Competences Review’, drawing new conclusions that the government chose not to.
    (read also our very recent blog post on the occasion of the book launch in Brussels)
  • The Institute of International and European Affairs
    Britain and Europe: the endgame – An Irish perspective
    by Dáithí O’Ceallaigh and Paul Gillespie
    This ebook zooms out just a few notches once more, and looks at the issues, scenarios, and their implications for the UK and EU. It adds the twist of looking at the Irish position in all this. As the only country with a land border with the UK, and deeply intertwined historical and economical links, it will be more impacted by a possible Brexit than any of the EU countries on the mainland.
    Link to the article in English
  • Institute of Economic Affairs
    The EU jobs myth
    by Ryan Bourne
    And to complete the quartet, this paper takes issue with some of the political messages surrounding a possible Brexit, in particular with the claims about how many jobs would be be forfeit if it came to pass.
    Link to the article in English

March saw the launch of quantitative easing by the ECB:

  • SAFE – Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe
    Sovereign credit risk, liquidity, and ECB intervention: Deus ex machina?
    by Loriana Pelizzon, Marti G. Subrahmanyam, Davide Tomio and Jun Uno
    Link to the document in English
  • Bruegel
    European Central Bank Quantitative Easing: the detailed manual
    by Grégory Claeys, Alvaro Leandro and Allison Mandra
    Link to the document in English
    (already with an update of the situation published on 7 April ECB Quantitative Easing on track)
  • Centre for European Policy Studies
    Lessons from Quantitative Easing: much ado about so little?
    by Daniel Gros, Cinzia Aldici and Willem Pieter De Groen
    Link to the document in English

The recent hacking at TV5 and cyber jihad in general brought us to…:

  • International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague
    Responding to cyber jihad: towards an effective counter narrative
    by Bibi Van Ginkel
    Link to the article in English

And finally, just as there are signs of a historic detente between the US and Cuba, we found this paper:

  • Barcelona Centre for International Affairs
    Incertidumbres del porvenir de los cubanos
    by Katarzyna Dembicz
    Link to the article in Spanish

You can follow our regular tweets #EUCOLibrary on new papers published and other EU related topics.

Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here.

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