Think Tank Review – highlights from the May issue

The library’s next Think Tank Review will see the light of day around 21-22 May. Here are some of the highlights.

On institutions:

  • Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute The Commission’s leadership and the EU governance by David Koczij. This summary of a conference held in March 2015, with Jean-Claude Juncker, Étienne Davignon and a contribution by Jacques Delors, touches on many of the issues in relations between EU institutions. Link to the document in English. Best read in conjunction with the current debate on the LSE blog and in JCMS (subscription) on intergovernmentalism. On this, also see our interview with Uwe Puetter a few months ago.
  • Transparency International Lobbying in Europe: hidden influence, privileged access by Suzanne Mulcahy. A survey and ranking of regulations on lobbying in 19 countries and the EU institutions. On the same issue, see the recent event organised by the EU Ombudsman, and see who’s saying what through its trail of tweets. Link to the TI document in English.

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Many analyses and data on migration –  see the full TTR in a few days for more:

  • European Political Strategy Centre Legal migration in the EU: from stop-gap solutions to a future-proof policy. Link to the article in English. This is the first in a series of weekly strategy notes by the Commission’s new in-house think tank
  • Център за изследване на демокрацията (Center for the Study of Democracy – BG) Assessing the integration of vulnerable migrant groups in ten EU Member States by Mila Mancheva, Andrey Nonchev and Slavyanka Ivanova. Link to the article in English
  • Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych (Polish Institute of International Affairs) Migrants ‘R’ Us: recommendations for a sound European migration policy by Karolina Borońska-Hryniewiecka, Kinga Brudzińska and Patrycja Sasnal. Link to the article in English
  • Fondation Robert Schuman The Challenge of Illegal Immigration in the Mediterranean by Jean-Dominique Giuliani. Link to the article in English and in French
  • Centre for European Policy Studies What priorities for the new European agenda on migration? by Sergio Carrera, Daniel Gros and Elspeth Guild. Link to the article in English
  • Council on Foreign Relations Europe’s Migration Crisis by Jeanne Park. Link to the article in English
  • Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale Emergenza Mediterraneo e migrazioni; come può rispondere l’Europa? by Stefano M.Tornelli. Link to the article in Italian

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On all things digital… (coming up in the Competitiveness Council on 28-29 May, see the Council’s Public Register):

  • Institut Montaigne Big data et objets connectés. Faire de la France un champion de la révolution numérique by Gilles Babinet et Robert Vassoyan. Link to the article in French
  • Centrum für Europäische Politik (Centre for European Policy) Net Neutrality – How European Rules can Foster Innovation: 6 Recommendations by Bert Van Roosebeke. Link to the article in English
  • Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung (Hanns Seidel Foundation) Gegen das große Unbehagen. Strategien für mehr Datensicherheit in Deutschland und der Europäischen Union by Volker Foertsch (ed.). Link to the article in German
  • Progressive Policy Institute Copyright in the digital age: key economic issues by Michael Mandel. Link to the article in English
  • Baltic Development Forum Coding the Future – The challenge of meeting future e-skill demands in the Nordic-Baltic ICT hub. Link to the article in English
  • Elinkeinoelämän tutkimuslaitos (Research Institute of the Finnish Economy) Computerization Threatens One-Third of Finnish and Norwegian Employment by Mika Pajarinen, Petri Rouvinen and Anders Ekeland. Link to the document in English

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On security and defence…

  • European Union Institute for Security Studies EUISS Yearbook of European Security 2015 Link to the article in English. The third edition of the yearbook by the Union’s agency in charge of the analysis of foreign, security and defence policy issues, looking back to 2014. It includes a mapping exercise on climate change, a timeline of events and relevant documents, plus an overview of Member States voting record in the UN Security Council.
  • Nederlands Instituut voor Internationale Betrekkingen – Clingendael (Netherlands Institute of International Relations). Defence matters: more urgent than ever by Margriet Drent, Dick Zandee and Eva Maas. Link to the article in English
  • Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies Dawn of the drones: Europe’s security response to the cyber age by Henna Hopia. Link to the article in English

Eastern Partnership (summit coming up) and Russia:

  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Friedrich Ebert Foundation) The Russian Crisis and its Fallout: The Impact on the Eastern Partnership States and Central Asia by Katharina Gröne and Felix Hett. Link to the article in English
  • European Union Institute for Security Studies Sanctions and Russia: lessons from the Cold War by Nicu Popescu. Link to the article in English

Follow the hash tag #EUCOLibrary for tweets by library staff on new publications and other EU-related topics. Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here.

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