Think Tank Review – Issue 28/2015

Welcome to issue 28 of the Think Tank Review compiled by the EU Council Library (click to share on Twitter). It references papers published in September 2015. As usual, we provide the link to the full text and a short abstract.

The Special Focus of this issue covers the crisis of migrants and refugees streaming into Europe. European leaders and policymakers are facing one of their greatest challenge since the debt crisis. Last EU Council conclusion clearly mentions that EU member states must tackle the crisis jointly and collaborate with third countries (Turkey especially) for coping with the flow.

Under the Politics and Institutions section, there are questions and proposals, be it in the context of EU reform? or regarding the ordinary legislative procedure and trilogues.

Should some of our readers – just like the European policymakers – also be concerned about the UK referendum about Brexit, we found some working papers focussing on contrastive feelings among UK public opinion. Some thinks that the referendum results will depend on Cameron’s ability to negotiate on the Schengen treaty and to increase UK governance into the EU, others wonder about the relevance of the “subsidiarity principle” among UK.

As always, feedback is welcome at Next Review will be out in November 2015, with papers published in October.


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