Think Tank Review – Issue 29/2015

Welcome to issue 29 of the Think Tank Review compiled by the EU Council Library (click to share on Twitter). It references papers published in October 2015. As usual, we provide the link to the full text and a short abstract.

In the EU Politics and Institutions section, readers will find two articles focusing on the Better Regulation Agenda presented by the Commission last May, at the top of the current Luxembourg Presidency priorities. One could say that these contributions constitute a mid-term look at the progress made. According to the authors of a paper reviewing surveys from 1995 to 2010, Eurobarometer selects and frames questions in ways that systematically produce ‘integrationist’ outcomes.

Lots of focus on the UK’s future in the European Union, with an interesting study on the economic consequences of a UK exit from the EU, not only for the UK, but for the remaining EU-27 Member States as well. Jean-Claude Piris, former Director-General of the Legal Service of the Council, analyses the legal basis and legal procedure for a ‘Brexit’, as well as the possible post-Brexit options. Finally, on 10 November, Prime Minister Cameron sent a letter to the President of the European Council identifying the areas where the UK is seeking reforms to address the concerns of the British people over membership of the European Union.

Concerned with the current refugee crisis, some think tanks concentrated on the issue of refugee governance and refugee relocation systems, or analyses the profiles of the Syrian refugees, the biggest national group migrating to Europe in 2015. Two compendia are included in this edition: a comprehensive compilation of publications on migration, asylum and mobility; and a compendium of articles whose authors reflect on the refugee crisis and to look at the debate in their own countries, drawing on their personal experiences and values.

The Special Focus of this edition groups papers on the so-called Islamic State, the foreign fighters phenomenon and terrorism.

As always, feedback is welcome at Next Review will be out in December 2015, with papers published in November.


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