Reading suggestion: ‘As eleições para o Parlamento Europeu em Portugal’

As eleições para o Parlamento Europeu em Portugal
(The Elections to the European Parliament in Portugal)

2016-week 07_PortugalIn the context of the most recent elections to the European Parliament (May 2014), the Institute of Contemporary History of the New University of Lisbon brought together in one single volume several contributions by scholars from different scientific disciplines on the European parliamentary elections in Portugal. The book is coordinated by Professors Maria Fernanda Rollo (currently Portuguese Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education), José Maria Brandão de Brito and Alice Cunha.

This book is relevant not only because it marks the event, but more importantly because it offers innovative perspectives on the study of the elections to the European Parliament in Portugal and the European Parliament itself. It includes chapters on the role of the European Parliament, electoral participation, the Portuguese autonomous regions (Azores and Madeira) and the European elections, the media and the European elections, political parties and trade unions.

We are convinced that it constitutes essential reading for students, scholars and citizens in general.

We hope you enjoy the book too!

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