Think Tank Review – issue 34/2016

Issue 34 of the Think Tank Review compiled by the EU Council Library is out now (click to share on Twitter). It references papers published in March 2016. As usual, we provide a link to the full text and a short abstract.

Think tanks did not stop publishing during the Easter break – quite the contrary! See for yourself below.

The ‘EU Politics and Institutions’ section features several contributions including a paper on the parliamentary scrutiny of European Union legislation and one on lobbying in the EU. We have also included the project ‘Building Bridges Between National Perspectives on the European Union’, coordinated by the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) with three major partners: the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), Real Instituto Elcano and EUROPEUM – European Institute for European Policy.

The ‘EU Policies’ section shows that think tanks continued to focus on migration and the refugee crisis. We noted a report that examines Canada’s implementation of Express Entry and explores how the expression of interest system could help improve the management of highly skilled migration.

The ‘Foreign Affairs’ section contains a report entitled ‘Europe’s troublemakers – The populist challenge to foreign policy’, which aims to build a inter-disciplinary and general understanding of the populist phenomenon in Europe and its impact on foreign policy formulation and processes.

We highly recommend this interview with Gilles de Kerchove, the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator.

Our ‘Special Focus’ section includes a particularly broad selection of papers on the Western Balkans.

The Review can be downloaded from our informal blog. As always, feedback is welcome at The next Review will be out in May 2016, with papers published in April 2016.

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