Imagine Europe: In search of new narratives (2016 edition)

The Library visited the exhibition ‘Imagine Europe. In Search of New Narratives’.

Umberto Eco described the role that Brussels can play as capital of Europe as follows: “Brussels should become a centre where all the most important issues about the acceptance of diversity are discussed. Themes like tolerance, fundamentalism, integration, globalisation could become themes for Brussels’ forums. The capital of the European Union should become a foyer culturel, a centre for the confrontation of diversities. Brussels has a moral and cultural authority for issues that concern every European country.”


For a number of years now the BOZAR programme has been helping to make this ‘foyer culturel’ a reality. This spring ‘Imagine Europe: In search of new narratives’ is once again inviting artists, scientists and thinkers to present their vision of a future Europe. In the discussion room debates, lectures and workshops will be focusing on subjects such as migration, borders, democracy and the power of stories. Along the installation route artists and architects including Filip Van Dingenen, Rem Koolhaas, Ingo Niermann, Louwrien Wijers and Chantal Akerman will be shedding their light on Europe. After all, artists are expert at developing images and narratives.

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