Think Tank Review – issue 35/2016

The 35th issue of the Think Tank Review (TTR) is out now. It references papers published by think tanks in April 2016 (click to share on Twitter). As usual, we provide the link to the full text and a short abstract of a wide selection of good reads!

This TTR has a special focus on social issues in the European Union, particularly poverty. The ImPRovE project has given rise to a handful of articles on scenarios for reducing poverty in Belgium, Greece and the UK, as well as a detailed report on the Europe 2020 social inclusion indicators. With the same objective of finding solutions, Caritas Europa identifies the main causes of poverty, inequality and social exclusion and formulates recommendations to improve the situation in Europe in its report ‘End poverty in Europe – Our solutions to make it happen’.

We also take a closer look at employment and the labour market situation. The Centre for European Policy Studies has published an article that scrutinises eight European countries in terms of their multi-tiered regulation of unemployment benefits in the context of a hypothetical European Unemployment Benefit Scheme. A European Policy Centre discussion paper touches on labour mobility, focusing on the posting of workers within the EU. If any of these articles pique your interest, go to the special focus section of our TTR and read on.

The usual sections of the TTR invite you to familiarize yourselves with the products of research, reporting on the latest developments of interest in the EU bubble. In Section 1 you will find articles focusing on EU Politics and Institutions.

In Section 3 we take a closer look at what’s been going on in the Member States. Here, don’t miss out on the articles touching on both the Dutch and British referenda. The other topics worth reading about are the pension system reforms in Greece and Spain.

In Section 5 (Foreign Affairs) we would like to draw your attention to the articles on the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh in the sub-section on Eastern Europe and Central Asia: four publications study the recent tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

All of this and much more awaits you in our latest issue. The featured articles are free of charge and available on your device, just one click away. Enjoy!

The Review can be downloaded from our blog. As always, feedback is welcome at The next Review will be out in June 2016, with papers published in May 2016.

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