New books added to the Library collection – June 2016

nbjuneWe would like to introduce you to a list of newcomers to our collection. As usual we present the link to our catalogue and a short abstract on each new book. This list consists of nineteen good reads worth checking out, but in this post we would like to highlight just a few of them as a preview.

The book that opens the list, ‘Comprendre la Pologne‘, made it to the top of our reading recommendations thanks to its valuable insights into the society, politics and institutions of this Member State. This volume enables the reader to gain an understanding of Poland’s current situation and the bumpy road that led to it. Touching upon various aspects, from the role of the Church to the debate on History, the book is an excellent and informative read.

Taking into account the upcoming referendum in the United Kingdom we would like to attract your attention to two books. ‘The UK’s in-out referendum‘ and ‘Britain alone!‘ both speak about the issue, analysing it from different angles. The first book authored by David Owen argues that the negotiations around the UK’s referendum vote represent an opportunity to enact wide-scale reform of the EU. ‘Britain alone!’ features a discussion between experts on British constitutional law and EU law which tries to address the major concerns and uncertainties associated with the prospect of Brexit.

Last but not least, we would like to invite you to read ‘The fall of the Turkish model‘. Its author argues that the problem with the Turkish model of Islamic liberalism is much broader and deeper than Erdogan’s increasing authoritarianism. Tugal presents a thorough analysis of regional politics, including parallels with the ‘Iranian Model’. For those who wish to deepen their understanding of Turkish politics and Islamic liberalism this book is a must-read.

You can find the full collection of lists of the Library’s most recent acquisitions here.

Please feel welcome to pay us a visit and borrow the books you find interesting!

  • The Library is open to all staff of the Council of the European Union and the European Council, trainees, Permanent Representations of Member States, staff of other EU Institutions and bodies, as well as to researchers and students (upon appointment by e-mail at Access to some Library holdings might be restricted to on-site consultation.

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