Presentation of the Council’s Library Resources to the Slovak Permanent Representation to the EU

On 15 June, the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC) organised an information session on the Council’s Library Resources for the Slovak Permanent Representation to the EU. We were pleased to have a young, lively and very interested audience. At the end, they asked quite a few questions.

4The Library team explained that it operates in a dynamic and fast changing environment, in which information management, communication channels and users’ needs are constantly evolving. The Library identifies and disseminates all the information materials needed to support the work of Council staff and other stakeholders.

The ethos of the Library was therefore changing from a collection-based philosophy towards access and customer based thinking. The Library team emphasised that it identifies and makes available digital resources, such as databases, dictionaries, e-books, and e-journals. All Library materials can be found through the online catalogue.


We underlined the added value of the Council’s Library resources: once on GSC premises, Member States’ delegates get access to a wide range of electronic resources. We invited our Slovak colleagues to explore all the tools and materials available and to give us their reaction.

The Library team monitors scholarly journals, think-tank publications and conferences, and has established a network with the academic community. In this context, the Library produces a monthly selection of EU-related papers published by 270 think tanks across the world – the Think Tank Review.

The Library team also runs a blog which features EU-related event reports, reading suggestions and Library notes. We took the opportunity to introduce the concept of ‘guest bloggers’, suggesting areas and topics for possible contributions by our Slovak colleagues.

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