Think Tank Review – Issue 36/2016

The 36th issue of the Think Tank Review (TTR) is out now. It references papers published by think tanks in May 2016. As usual, we provide the link to the full text and a short abstract of a wide selection of good reads!

The special focus of this edition is on the United Kingdom and the European Union. UK citizens will soon make a historic decision about their future: should the country remain in the EU or go it alone? Our readers will find papers on Brexit and the UK’s public finances, the UK’s foreign and security policy and what’s at stake in the referendum, Brexit and free trade, the impact of Brexit on energy and climate policy, Britain, the EU and the sovereignty myth, observations on Article 50 TEU… We are mentioning just a few in order to give you a taste of what you can find in this section.

Two papers are particularly worth mentioning in the section dedicated to EU Politics and Institutions:

  • “Greece and the EU”, which aims at providing a comprehensive view on the changing landscape of both Greek and European politics as a consequence of the eurozone crisis;
  • “Community: discovering ties that bind”, a contribution from Frans Timmermans, first vice-president of the European Commission,  in which he ponders the difference between boundaries and barriers and asks how we can foster stronger communities within our society.

Also, think tanks continue to focus on the migration and refugee crisis. Find out more in section 4 related to EU Policies.

In the section on Foreign Affairs, we present a wide selection of articles on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), focusing on rethinking approaches and strategies to counter violent extremism in the MENA region.

As always, feedback is welcome .  The next Review will be out in July 2016, with papers published in June 2016.


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