The British Library of Political and Economic Science (LSE Library)

During our trip to London, we could not miss a visit to the British Library of Political and Economic Science. Its late opening hours allowed us to visit in the evening. We found it to be a tremendously vibrant and pleasant place, combining functionality, architectural expression and inspiring internal spaces, as you can see in the photos attached to this blog post.

The British Library of Political and Economic Science was founded in 1896, a year after the London School of Economics and Political Science. The library was imagined as a laboratory for the social sciences, which would provide a place where people interested in the study and understanding of society could come together and find the materials for their work.lse1

The dynamic pursuit of this vision since 1896 has resulted in one of the most outstanding social science libraries in the world, and a unique asset for the London School of Economics. The library collects social sciences material in the widest sense, with collections that are particularly rich in economics, statistics, political science and public administration.

LSE Ideas (LSE’s foreign policy think tank) is one of the most active think tanks in the United Kingdom. We regularly monitor its research for the Think Tank Review (TTR).

The TTR, compiled by the library at the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC), brings together publications on EU affairs from think tanks around the world. It is published monthly and is very popular with people working in Brussels.

The papers selected each month are indexed permanently in a special repository within the GSC library catalogue, where they can be searched and retrieved.

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