New books added to the library collection – September 2016

After the summer break, it’s finally September! Back to school, back to work, back to normal life: a perfect time to read an informative book.

The new books list for September is out now. So we would like to invite you to explore what’s new in the library. As usual, there is plenty to choose from. This list consists of fourteen good reads, all worth checking out, but in this post we would like to highlight just a few of them as a preview.

Edited by Pietro Rossi, The boundaries of Europe includes essays by renowned European scholars, outlining the transformation of Europe’s boundaries from the fall of the ancient world to the age of decolonisation and explores, among other themes, the confrontation of Christian Europe with Islam and the changing role of the Mediterranean from mare nostrum to a frontier between nations.

Polity and crisis: reflections on the European odyssey – edited by Massimo Fichera, Sakari Hänninen and Kaarlo Tuori – includes contributions by lawyers, sociologists, political scientists and political theorists, bringing together a variety of both disciplines and methodological approaches. These essays try to answer a number of research questions more or less directly related to the future of the European Union as a polity and the legal and political consequences of the economic and financial crisis.

In Return to winter: Russia, China and the new cold war against America, Douglas E. Schoen and Melik Kaylan elaborate on the growing threat from the Russia-China alliance, and argue that only a rebirth of American leadership in the world can counter the corrosive impact of this antidemocratic alliance, which according to them may soon threaten the peace and security of the world.

You can find the full collection of lists of the library’s most recent acquisitions here. Please feel free to pay us a visit and borrow the books you find interesting!

  • access the full collection of lists here

The library is open to all staff of the Council of the European Union and the European Council, trainees, permanent representations of Member States, staff of other EU institutions and bodies, and to researchers and students (who must make an appointment, by sending an e-mail to Access to some library holdings may be restricted to on-site consultation.

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