TTR 25 – June preview

We will publish the next Think Tank Review in the second half of June, with the usual rich harvest of publications. In the meanwhile, here are some of the papers already selected by the busy library team (by the way, you can support us by sharing on twitter). In May, we found a convenient mix of publications looking back and ahead.

Time flies…

A year has passed since the 2014 EP elections (here’s what we were reading at the time). Conveniently, various think tanks looked back at the elections, between niche parties and grand coalition, Spitzenkandidaten and fragmentation:

  • Fundación Alternativas – The state of the European Union 2015. The new legislature: eleven challenges facing Europe,  by Diego López Garrido, Michael Ehrke and Nicolás Sartorius (dir.); María Pallares (cord.) Link to the article in English and in Spanish
  • Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute 2014 European elections: an upsurge in Europhobia or business as usual?, by Yves Bertoncini. Link to the article in English
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung – “Ich will die EU zerstören”: EU-Gegner im 8. Europäischen Parlament. Eine Jahresbilanz, by Karsten Grabow and Torsten Oppelland. Link to the article in German

More recently…

A highlight in May was the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga. Here is a selection of what think tanks East of Brussels had to say:

  • Center for European Enlargement Studies – Eastern Partnership beyond the Riga Summit: rethinking cooperation, by Zsuzsanna Végh (ed.) Link to the article in English
  • Central European Policy Institute – Belarus Reality Check – Belarus from Vilnius till Riga Summits: a nervous winner. Link to the article in EnglishUkraine reality check: small steps instead of big promises (after the Riga summit). Link to the article in English
  • Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych – (Polish Institute of International Affairs) Georgia after the Riga Eastern Partnership summit, by Teona Turashvili and Konrad Zasztowt. Link to the article in English

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Looking ahead:

From 30 November, France will host the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11, or simply “Paris 2015”):

  • Foundation for European Progressive Studies – Bringing it home. Making a global deal on climate change a reality, by Ed Wallis. Link to the article in English
  • Institut français des relations internationales – China’s coming of age on climate change: just in time for Paris?, by Aurélie Faure-Schuyer and John Seaman. Link to the article in English
  • European Policy Centre – The Emission Trading Scheme reform: will the Commission’s proposal save the system?, by Jørgen Knud Henningsen. Link to the article in English
  • Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (German Institute for Economic Research) – Modelling a market stability reserve in carbon markets, by Anne Schopp, William Acworth, Daniel Huppmann and Karsten Neuhoff. Link to the article in English
  • Centre for European Policy Studies – Paris 2015: what’s in it for the EU? by Andrei Marcu with contributions from Alexandra Deprez, Susanne Dröge, Liz Gallagher, Arthur Gradziuk, Sebastian Oberthür and Thomas Spencer. Link to the article in English  —  How do stakeholders view the EU ETS? Diversity and differentiation of interests, by Noriko Fujiwara, Chara Karakosta, Aleksander Szpor, Andreas Tuerk and Erwin Hofman. Link to the article in English

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Other challenges on the horizon…

Among the avalanche of publications on what goes by the name of Brexit, we could not miss this legal analysis in English by Jean-Claude Piris, former Director General of the Council Legal Service. Political France is bracing for the 2017 elections; public expenditure will no doubt be a hot issue. Here is what Institut Montaigne had to say in May (in French). In the meanwhile, the Commission published its Better Regulation proposals; here is a CEPS commentary.

…and a focus on social policy

ILO published its World employment and social outlook in May, on ‘The Changing Nature of Jobs’. To be read in conjunction with the many publications on social policy we found last month:

  • College of Europe – Free movement of persons: the mirage of social security schemes, by Roxana Nedelescu. Link to the article in English
  • Institut für Weltwirtschaft Kiel (Kiel Institute for the World Economy) – How to deal with inequality welfare system challenges and European responses, by Andreas Friedl, Dennis Görlich, Sebastian Horn, Christiane Krieger-Boden and Matthias Lücke. Link to the article in English
  • Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies – It’s our job: reforming Europe’s labour markets, by Eoin Drea and Siegfried Mureşan. Link to the article in English
  • Institute for Public Policy Research – European employers’ perspectives on long-term unemployment, recruitment and public employment services, by Luke Raikes and Bill Davies. Link to the article in English
  • Istituto Affari Internazionali – Creating a Union with a “human face”: a European unemployment insurance, by Daniele Fattibene. Link to the article in English
  • Centre for European Policy Studies – The case for a European unemployment benefit scheme, by Ilaria Maselli and Miroslav Beblavý. Link to the article in English

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And this is just a preview. Watch out for the full Think Tank Review in a week or two.

Follow the hash tag #EUCOLibrary for tweets by our library team on new publications and other EU-related topics. Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here.

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