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The European Council and the Council of the European Union have traditionally been the least studied of the EU institutions.  However, especially since the European Council was institutionalized with the Lisbon treaty, we witness an increasing interest on the part of scholars for these two institutions, from perspectives which range from institutionalism to negotiation theory and the sociology of organizations. EU endeavours to tackle the financial and debt crisis have also highlighted the role of the European Council. We try to sustain this effort by systematically referencing and acquiring all research works related to the European Council, the Council of the European Union and their General Secretariat.

You can search the bibliography on-line here. It consists, at present, of more than 1.800 records and grows slowly but surely. All referenced works are also made available to researchers in the reading room.

Download our latest pdf compilation of all references.


We welcome input on additional references to include in the bibliography, especially from unpublished doctoral theses or in less widely-used languages.

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