Think Tank Review – Issue 11/2014

The March Think Tank Review is out, referencing papers published in February.

With the EU Council and – in these very days – EU Heads of State and Government keep Ukraine at the centre of their deliberations, and despite the risk of offering something obsolete, the TTR this month has a special focus on Ukraine. Predictably, analysing the Ukrainian crisis led think tanks to direct some attention to EU-Russia relations, to the Eastern Partnership and indeed to the EU’s political engagement in Central Asia.

Readers interested in specific regions will find references to publications on Switzerland and Syria, the Arab countries and Afghanistan, the Asian Development Bank and the EU-Africa summit.

The papers on energy policy, energy security, nuclear and renewables resonate with climate and energy being on the agenda of the March European Council.

The Think Tank Review is based on the monitoring of more than 200 worldwide think tanks active on EU affairs. Feel free to help our research team by giving feedback on our selection. Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here.

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