Think Tank Review – Issue 14/2014

The June Think Tank Review is out, referencing papers published in May 2014.

As could be expected, a large share of the think tank papers published last May were devoted to the European elections. We found analyses of rising parties, maps of the networks among anti-EU parties, assessments of the impact of the top candidates and views on social media in the campaign. Partly related to the elections, we also found several papers elaborating on surveys and opinion polls. In addition, most EU think tanks and the major political foundations had papers on the Banking Union compromise reached in March.

Among the other focal points this month: energy policy and gas supply, the 10th anniversary of the 2004 enlargement, and the UK relationship with the EU. On the latter, we note a project at the German Council on Foreign Relations with views from various Member States. Among the many papers on migration and asylum, we note a series of case studies on migrants’ outcome on national labour markets. In the external relations section, Ukraine features prominently once again, with many think tanks putting forward wide-ranging measures for the country, from deployment of a joint stabilization force to constitutionally-sanctioned neutrality.

The Think Tank Review is based on the monitoring of around 250 worldwide think tanks active on EU affairs. Feel free to help our research team by giving feedback on our selection. Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here.

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