Additional hearings for Commissioners-designate

Who better to explain the intricacies of Commissioner Hearings than the European Parliament Research Service:


Written by Eva-Maria Poptcheva

A debate has been launched as to whether additional parliamentary hearings for Commissioners-designate – beyond the initial scheduled three hours – have any legal basis. The subject was raised when Jonathan Hill was called back for an additional hearing after Members of the Economic Affairs Committee registered their dissatisfaction with the answers he gave in his original hearing on 1 October.

Additional hearings for Commissioners-designate European Parliament

Additional hearings are not explicitly included in Parliament’s Rules of Procedure but they are not excluded either. Rather, the Rules of Procedures provide for the possibility of the committee(s) responsible for the evaluation of the Commissioner-designate in question seeking ‘further information’ after the hearing, in order to complete their evaluation (Annex VI, section 1 c) of the Rules of Procedure). With the consent of the Commission President-elect, this could include an additional exchange of views with the Commissioner-designate.

An additional, informal…

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