Think Tank Review – Issue 17/2014

Our latest monthly Think Tank Review, issue 17/2014, has been released.

In the ‘Special focus’ section, how appointments to top-ranking offices in the EU institutions continue to trigger reflections on the policy priorities for the next term and on the broad orientation of the European project; we collected several variations on the theme ‘federation’ and ‘States’, and attempts by think tanks to gauge the relative weight of institutions, or of political forces within them, in the post-2014 election scenario.

And as the October European Council approached, issues of economic and financial governance featured high on the agenda of EU think tanks, with publications on flexibility in fiscal rules, banking resolution, or the threat of deflation.

In the section on EU policies, readers will find material on energy, migration, industrial policy, food safety, gender equality, unemployment insurance and more. An equally rich variety of third countries is covered in the section on external relations. Conversely, this month our régards croisés section sticks to one of the incontournables of European integration, with the usual Franco-German mutual interest (on energy policy this time), plus a glance from Germany to Spanish politics.

Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here. Please do not hesitate to comment, tweet with hash tag #eucolibrary, or send your feedback to

The next Think Tank Review will be out in November 2014, covering publications from October 2014.

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