Think Tank Review – September issue preview

While our Think Tank Review is summer recess, the library team is already selecting publications for the next issue, that will cover July and August. Here is a selection – by no means exhaustive – of papers published in July. In the meanwhile, publications listed in issue 15 of the Review have been indexed in our repository.

As expected, institutional dynamics and nominations to key EU offices attracted think tank attention in July:

  • Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute
    The Commission reform: between efficiency and legitimacy / by Yves Bertoncini and António Vitorino
    Link to the article in English and in French
  • Bruegel
    The great transformation: memo to the incoming EU Presidents / by André Sapir and Guntram B. Wolff
    Link to the article in English

The British think tank CER, which defines itself as “pro-European but not uncritical”, has a very nuanced view of the ECJ, dispelling a few myths and suggesting reforms:

  • Centre for European Reform
    Twelve things everyone should know about the European Court of Justice / by Hugo Brady
    Link to the article in English

Euro area economic governance was also a focus of attention in July:

  • Fondation Robert Schuman
    Reforming the European Union: which methods? Which options? / by Thierry Chopin
    Link to the article in English and in French
  • Bruegel
    Did the German court do Europe a favour? / by Ashoka Mody
    Link to the article in English
  • Policy Network
    Why institutions matter in the eurozone / by Renaud Thillaye, Ludek Kouba and Andreas Sachs
    Link to the article in English
  • Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations
    A eurozone subcommittee in the European Parliament: high hopes, low results? / by Stijn Verhelst
    Link to the article in English

A paper looking back to 20 years of single market received some attention in EU media; it notes that Germany and Denmark have most benefited from the single market:

  • Bertelsmann Stiftung
    20 years of the European single market: growth effects of EU integration / by Thieß Petersen, Michael Böhmer and Johannes Weisser
    Link to the study in German and to the policy brief in English

A couple of papers on justice and home affairs:

  • Centre for European Policy Studies
    The European Council’s guidelines for the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice 2020: subverting the ‘Lisbonisation’ of justice and home affairs? / by Sergio Carrera and Elspeth Guild
    Link to the article in English
  • Human Rights Watch
    With liberty to monitor all: how large-scale US surveillance is harming journalism, law, and American democracy
    Link to the article in English

Ukraine and the impact of EU sanctions against Russia have also been analysed by think tanks:

  • Fundación para las relaciones internacionales y el diálogo exterior
    The politics of regionalism and decentralisation in Ukraine / by Natalia Shapovalova
    Link to the article in English
  • Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych
    Russia’s hidden underbelly of debt / by Maya Rostowska
    Link to the article in English

Finally, many organizations are looking back at the fateful days of July 1914. Here is a paper with an original perspective:

  • Institut français des relations internationales
    Asymétrie des mémoires. Regard franco-allemand sur la Première Guerre mondiale / by Élise Julien
    Link to the article in French

Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here.

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