Think Tank Review – 16/2014

The latest issue of our monthly Think Tank Review, Issue 16/2014, has been released. This month we present you a rich double issue, providing abstracts and links to publications from both July and  August 2014.

If you have been wondering what the Think Tanks observing the EU have been up to over the course of the summer, consult our compilation of policy papers and reports on the buzzing topics surrounding EU affairs. The review monitors over 250 Think Tanks in Brussels and beyond. Thereby, it also serves as an access platform and channel for EU employees, researchers and general public alike to prosper from the ideas and opinions generated at the intersection of academia and policy.

This issue includes content on Brexit, separatist pressures, banking union, economic governance, energy and much more, including, predictably, Franco-German relations and, less predictably, Google searches in Finland. Energy security in light of the Ukraine conflict is obviously a key concern, as are current developments in the defence industry, published around the time of the NATO summit in Cardiff. The European Council’s new Strategic Guidelines within the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice received critical attention, as did the energy aspects of the June European Council. The recent elections and nominations to the top EU offices triggered a number of broad policy and strategy recommendations, and various reviews of possible institutional reforms. Lastly, we see interesting analyses of one member state by another, hence a particularly dense selection of Regards Croisés.

Previous issues of the Think Tank Review are available here. Please do not hesitate to comment, tweet, or send your feedback to

The next Think Tank Review will be out in October 2014, covering the most relevant publications from September 2014.



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